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By Greg Vanden Berge

Well as I mentioned before it usually takes around 30 days to create a habit. Now what's the process involved in creating a habit. If you make up your mind to change something in your life, the next step is taking the action necessary to create the change.

Find a piece of notebook paper, you can create a small list on, then write at least five habits you would like to create. These habits can be things you want to change about yourself, wealth building or creation habits, habits that will lead to good health, changes in how you manage your time or even a schedule that would allow you to spend more time with your family.

Creating a habit from nothing could be as difficult as changing something in your life. It will rely on how you choose to handle the change. If you're going to complain about the difficulties involved along the way, it's going to be a rough road ahead. If you choose to make the best out of it and keep your eye on the prize or the end result, it will often be an easier journey.

Once you've written down at least five habits or changes you would like to see in your life, you can select at least one of these items to start planning. You need to create a detailed plan on how you're going to create the necessary change.

I've always found it easier for me to understand anything with it a few examples. You will often see these examples used throughout the super habits website. I hope they're helpful.

Here's an example for someone who would like to start reading at least one book a month. Keep in mind this is your final goal, that will be leading you to a super habit. This does not mean each month you force yourself to finish a book at the expense of spending time with your family. Be reasonable with yourself always.

If you've never read one book in a month, start with a smaller book. A smaller book might have larger print and fewer pages. Select a certain time of the week or day, along with a desire amount of time to read your book.

If you're going to read a book with a hundred pages, make a note of what page you were starting on and then proceed to read normally for 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes, make a note of how many pages you have read. If you've read five pages, there's a good chance that you can read 20 pages an hour and it would take you five hours to finish the 100 page book. This will be helpful in planning your habit.

Now that we've learned how to create a habit, let's learn How to Plan Your Habit


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