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Spending 15 Minutes Each Day
By Greg Vanden Berge

When people tell you they don't have enough time, you can simply ask them if they could spare 15 minutes each day. Now if someone replies with, I don't have 15 minutes to spare each day, the conversation you're having with them at that moment, probably took 15 minutes.

Let's do the math here and give an idea what spending 15 minutes each day will add up to at the end of the week. Well 15 minutes times seven equals 105 minutes, that's an hour and 45 minutes. This might not sound like much but its 420 minutes every four weeks. That's seven hours or almost 1 workday.

Is it starting to sound like very much now. If it isn't much do you, I wonder what you do during the day. I built an 8' x 16' shed, complete with one door, one window, a wood framed floor and installed the roofing on this project in 14 hours. The only thing I didn't do was paint the shed.

Are you starting to get an idea of what 15 minutes each day can add up to.

15 minutes each day for an entire year is 5475 minutes or 91 hours and 15 minutes. Does this seem like that much to you? This would be over two weeks of you working eight hours a day, five days a week. Now 15 minutes each day does not seem like that much time, when we look at it on a daily basis but when we add this time up over an entire year, it becomes a large number.

Spending 15 minutes each day, even five days a week on a habit you would like to change or create is like moving a mountain one wheel barrel at a time. The mountain looks large, standing there by itself but once you start chipping away, it won't be long before the mountain is gone.

The more time you spend, working on for thinking about how to accomplish your goals, the faster they will become a reality.


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