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Starting with Simple Things
By Greg Vanden Berge

Let's start with simple things and work our way up to the bigger problems or habits we need to change. If you're the kind of person who loves to tackle the toughest job first and work your way down, then I have only one word for you, proceed.

Starting with the simple things or easier habits to change and develop someone's self esteem and increase their ability to set larger goals, can create even bigger change in their lives. The more you succeed at creating good habits, the easier it will become in the future.

Here is a sample list of things I would like to change about myself.

1. Quit talking about other people in a negative way.

2. Read one book each month.

3. Brush my teeth three times a day.

4. Prepare and eat healthier meals.

Looking at this list above, it looks like brushing my teeth three times a day will be the easiest task to accomplish. This doesn't mean I can't work on my other goals at the same time, but if I can't seem to accomplish any of these goals, I should focus on at least one at a time.

If it's possible to create a habit in 30 days, this gives me hope that I could at least change six things about myself within one year. This allows me to create one habit, every two months. This is plenty of time but if you need to focus on changing one habit every year, at least you're starting somewhere.

Start with the simple things if you're having problems accomplishing the larger goals in your life. Change often takes time and usually we have plenty of it. If you don't have plenty of time, to do the things you really want to live, restructuring your time could be your next super habit to achieve

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