I’m OK. You’re OK.
Together we are perfect.

Excerpt from Dr. Tony Nader's SuperHabits for Relationship webinar introducing the SuperHabits for Relationships with Miriam Lodge and psychologist Dr. Vicki Broome

SuperHabits for Happy Relationships Program:

Starting Wednesday July 24 - Sep 25, 2024:

11 am PST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT / 8 pm CET

COST: $698 USD

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SuperRelationships program includes:

  • 4x 1hr* live online workshops with Psychologist Dr. Vicki Broome on Mondays, 29 Jul, 19 Aug, 9 Sep, 23 Sep.
  • Ongoing WhatsApp support from Dr. Vicki Broome for expert questions.

SuperHabits program includes:

  • 10x 1 hr* live online weekly SuperHabits workshops every Wednesday from Jul 24 - Sep 25, 2024.
  • Community WhatsApp group with your SuperHabits coaches and email support for added expert support during the week.
  • Daily connection with your accountability partner.

For both programs:

  • While maximum benefits will come from live attendance, videos will be made available if a session needs to be missed.

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If you want to only sign up for the SuperRelationships program click here, or if you want to only sign up for the SuperHabits program, click here.

*The first workshop for the SuperRelationships program and SuperHabits program is 1.5 hrs