SuperYouHabits (Margaret)

"Successful people are simply those
with successful habits"

-Brian Tracy



Many people want to improve their lives by creating better habits. This could be meditating regularly, exercising more, eating a healthier diet, spending more time outdoors, etc. Many people also experience how difficult it is to change habits without support and how easy it is to slip back into old behaviours. This is often due to challenges that reside in our subconscious minds - emotional triggers from the past, limiting beliefs, self sabotage, lack of confidence and more. It is very difficult to tackle subconscious issues from a conscious thinking mind.

That is why this programme leverages our unique Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness to tackle those deeper issues first, which will serve as a foundation for easier and smoother habit change throughout the second half of the programme. Through our unique SuperYou System, we'll guide you step by step to discover; who you are at this point in time, where your true self wants to go and how you can bridge the gap to get there.

We have learned from years of working with thousands of clients the benefit of connection, and the value of going on these deep self-discovery journeys alongside like-minded people. That's why our program also focuses on pairing you with a buddy for daily support and a cohort of 6-8 people for weekly learning and reflection. This way you can not only create Super-Habits but also Super friends for life!

The programme consists of 10 workshops. Each week you’ll learn different tools to support you in changing your choosen habit. Then, by applying it during the following week, you will learn how well that strategy works for you. Gradually you can build an individualised habit change tool kit that is perfectly tailored to you and your unique needs.

SuperYou System:


Magaret Ruff

I believe our personal and professional wellbeing is deeply connected to our birthright to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. In my early career as an elementary educator and school leader, my deepest passion was to develop young people to their fullest potential. My desire to positively impact more families and children led me to school and executive leadership, so that my role could create a larger scale effect. This translated to raising my own family full time for many years while leading as a parent advocate for school communities. I evolved my own personal and professional development by serving as a certified life, leadership, and executive coach. Everyone at any age has the power within themselves to grow, evolve and transform their life.

This is why I help educational leaders, service professionals and social impact entrepreneurs with adult transformative life coaching and executive leadership development techniques. Through my own transformational path in wellness, personal growth, and adult development, I am a lifelong learner and Transcendental Meditation practitioner. I am fully engaged and most passionate when helping others, especially by sharing the wisdom of Maharishi consciousness-based programs and technologies.

My greatest joy is creating a holistic educated space so that professional leaders can overcome self-limiting beliefs and obstacles. When blocks impede your success, I am deeply engaged in finding the tools, techniques, and processes to help you develop self-awareness and find your stride forward. Professionals finding their inherent passion for sharing their talents with skills to self-transform while pursuing their careers in education, creative arts, entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and social causes will ultimately increase wellness, engagement, and balance so that they may live a fulfilled life at home and at work. Together we will change the world. By spreading more joy, laughter, and dedication to a happier life for all.

What we’ll cover together

  • Workshop 01


    Understanding yourself. Discover your Ayurvedic Mind-Body type, learn the recommended super habit strategies for your type and create a first version of your SuperYou System.

  • Workshop 02


    Discover your deeper motivation to create super habits for your life. Rephrase your SuperYou System so these deeper motivations can be at the forefront of your change process.

  • Workshop 03

    Why Not?

    Dive deeper into what is holding you back, what is your bottleneck. Learn to harness the Power of Your Attention for maximum positive change. Adjust your SuperYou System based on this.

  • Workshop 04

    Why Really?

    Get comfortable with vulnerability and bring “the real you” to your SuperYou System.

  • Workshop 05

    Yes And?

    Understand the impact of your subconscious emotional triggers, learn strategies to deal with those and add them into your SuperYou System.

  • Workshop 06

    And Also?

    Learn about the power of connecting a desired new behaviour to an already established habit and apply it to your situation.

  • Workshop 07

    What’s There?

    Identify aspects in your environment that can help you change your habits and update your SuperYou System accordingly.

  • Workshop 08

    Who Else?

    Learn which types of people can be positive support for your journey. Think through such people in your life and decide whether to incorporate them in your SuperYou System.

  • Workshop 09

    How Much?

    Learn about the benefits of extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation and decide if you feel you will benefit from including extrinsic motivation in your SuperYou System.

  • Workshop 10

    What’s Next?

    Consolidate the progress you’ve made changing the habit you chose and what you’ve learned about the most effective way for you to change habits in general. Make a plan for the future.

Course Start date:

Starts on Wednesday 1st November, ends on Wednesday 31st January
(Christmas break between 20th Dec to 17th Jan)

10x 1-hour Interactive Workshops via Zoom on Wednesdays 12-1 PM

The Course Includes:

-Weekly workshop with your cohort of 6-8 people to learn new tools, apply the learning to your life through interactive discussions and make a plan for the coming week.

-Daily connection with your partner by text message.

-WhatsApp group with your cohort and Course Leader for questions and support during the week.


$449 NZD

$349 NZD - Early Bird offer till 27/10/2023

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Margaret Ruff


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