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Have you ever wanted to change something in your life?

Have you ever wanted to create a more fulfilling life?

Have you ever wondered how one person can change something but you can't seem to and whatever you try fails?

Changing our habits and lifestyles will enable us to live more fulfilling lives in the future. If you ever asked yourself these questions above, you're at the right place. Super habits will help you create the change you desire most in your life.

The website is designed to read through, but feel free to study the topics that interest you the most.

Just by visiting the website, you're one of the few people interested in changing your life. The next step of course is following the instructions laid out on the super habits website. You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is here.


You Have To Start Somewhere

Developing Wealth Building Habits

30 Days to Creating Super Habits

Finding Something You Don't like about Yourself

Starting with Simple Things

Creating a Habit

Backup Plans Feel Good

Helpful Habit Planning Tips

Structuring Your 24 Hour Day

Getting up Earlier

Spending 15 Minutes Each Day

Habits to Prevent Losing Things

Stop Losing Your Car Keys

Save The Planet - Start Your Own Worm Farm

I don't know if you realize how much trash you’re going to send to your local landfill, in the next 10 years, but it's going to be a lot.  As our population increases, we will need to find ways to reduce the amount of trash that you're sending to the dump. 

What if I told you that you could reduce the amount of garbage that leaves your house, simply by starting a worm farm?

Bible Contradictions Book 1

The definition of a contradiction is simple, any statement that is inconsistent or illogical and incongruent with another one.  All dogs are white and the statement some dogs are brown are contradictions.

It doesn't matter whether you're Jewish, Christian or Muslim, the contents inside of this book are literally shocking.  If you're interested in learning more about the Holy Bible and are a faithful follower of Jehovah, Jesus or Allah, this book will provide you with plenty of fascinating facts.

Why Am I A Christian And Not A Buddhist?
  Eventually the question,” Why am I a Christian and not a Buddhist,” started to make me think. 

This book will provide you with an extraordinary look into the depths of your beliefs and why you actually are a Christian and not a Buddhist.  If you're looking for a deeper understanding of why you believe that Jesus and Jehovah are God, you won't be disappointed.



Why Am I A Christian And Not A Buddhist?

Bible Contradictions Book 1



How To Write And Publish Your Own Kindle Book


Personal Development

100 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life


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Save The Planet - Start Your Own Worm Farm

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